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YOKOTA ... a company finding solutions to water and liquid handling needs

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People who deal with water and other liquids often find themselves in the position of wishing they had better solutions to their water and other liquid needs.

YOKOTA, as a fluid control solutions company, has developed various unique products based on newly patented theory and know-how for solving various problems and meeting our customers' water and liquid handling needs.

Among our pump product line-up are various specialty pumps including self-priming pumps that pump water containing air and slurry, and instant defoaming and degassing pumps.

The various valve products we have developed are simple in structure yet ingenious in functionality; such as the non-water hammer check valves, as well as valves that automatically control water flow rate, pressure and level via water force rather than using electrical control.

Moreover, we have other features addressing customer needs for more convenient water and liquid handling equipment including, among others, self-cleaning (declogging) strainers, and valves that automatically collect and reuse residual liquid in pipelines.

Independently developed metallic materials used in our products, such as seawater resistant stainless steel and other corrosion and wear resistant stainless steel alloys, are produced in-house consistently from our casting process so they can handle tough liquids.

Our products are used in a broad range of applications including ultra-pure water production, agricultural irrigation, water processing, seawater processing, chemical liquid processing, and contamination prevention management.

YOKOTA will continue to devote its energies to the development of products as a fluid control solutions company. If you are telling yourself, "What we need is..." do not hesitate to contact us with questions or inquiries by clicking here.

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Detailed information about example applications of our products that resolved the concerns and problems related to water and liquid handling, as well as example applications that may be of technological interest.

Defoaming, Degassing

Easy and continuous food product defoaming/degassing ... Defoaming, Degassing Pump


Used in many aquariums ... Seawater Pumps made of YST Alloy

Irrigation water supply

Small tank, but no severe, intermittent operation ... Automatic Water Supply Equipment

Sewage, Water treatment

Resolving the concerns of sewage treatment and water-purifying plants ... Enhanced Self-Priming Pump

Water distribution

Resolving the concerns of agricultural water distribution ... Constant Flow Regulator Valve

Iron and steel works

Resolving the concerns with check valves used at iron works manufacturers ... Non-Water Hammer Check Valve

Tanker cargo handling

A chemical cargo pump with 30 years of achievement ... Enhanced Self-Priming Pump

Foundation construction

Active in large-scale construction projects ... Suction Pump

Seawater intake

Resolving the concerns of seawater pumping ... Seawater Intake Pump

Slurry self-priming

Resolving problematic self-priming of slurry liquids at power plants ... Slurry/Corrosion Resistant Self-Priming Pump

Snow removal

Excellent for pumping away slush and sprinkling water to melt snow ... YOKOTA's snow-fighting pumps

Undersea tunnel

Used in draining operation at undersea tunnels ... YOKOTA pumps and valves

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Civil engineering, Construction

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Electric power generation

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City water, Sewage

Water hammer prevention

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Food, Medicine

Aquariums, Fisheries, Hot springs

Product information


Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump

UHN series

Outstanding self-priming performance even under extreme conditions

Defoaming, Degassing Pump


Highly efficient and quick degassing of gas-dissolved liquid

Defoaming Pump


Defoaming and transfer of liquid containing foam or foaming liquid

Enhanced Self-Priming Pump


Suction and transfer of liquid containing foam or high viscosity liquid

Multistage Self-Priming Pump


High head type with high performing self-priming mechanism

Turbine Pump


Outstanding self-priming performance with nearly 9m suction lift

Process Pump

UB series

Wide lineup of back-pullout types including self-priming models

Centrifugal Pump

UEN series

Standard type with 55 models and wide variety of materials

Multistage Centrifugal Pump


High head type with high performance and wide variety of materials

Double Suction Volute Pump


Horizontally split type with optional self-priming capability

Mixed-Flow Volute Pump


Durability and reliability as demonstrated in many power stations

Valves, Devices

Non-Water Hammer Check Valve

SL series

No valve closure delay means no water hammer and no noise

Wafer-Type Check Valve


Simple construction allows for high performance and low price

Constant Flow Regulator Valve

UF series

Easy flow rate setting and outstanding constant flow characteristics

Float-Type Regulator Valve


Liquid level and constant flow rate regulation with compact float

Pilot-Type Regulator Valves


Regulator valve series with new clog-resistant pilot mechanism

Constant Pressure Valve


Excellent pressure control and complete liquid shutoff performance

Constant Flow Rate Valve


Unique pilot mechanism provides excellent constant flow rate regulation

Liquid Level-1 Regulator Valve


Maintains set liquid level by opening and closing of a ball tap

Liquid Level-2 Regulator Valve


Maintains liquid level between upper and lower limits

Safety Valve, Pressure Relief Valve


Rapid prevention of excessive increase of inlet pressure

Pressure Sustaining Valve


Excellent inlet pressure control and rapid shutoff performance

Differential Pressure Regulator Valve


Maintains set differential pressure between inlet and outlet pressures

Emergency Shutoff Valve


Rapid shutoff by detection of abnormal pipeline condition

Liquid-Air Switch Valve


Definitive solution for automatic agricultural chemical spraying

Automatic-Cleaning Strainer


Easy operation thanks to automatic self-cleaning (declogging) mechanism

Materials, Parts

Special Stainless Steel

YST series

Corrosion and wear resistant special alloy for various kinds of liquid

Seawater Resistant Stainless Steel


Surprisingly high corrosion resistance to seawater and hot springs

Stainless Steel Casting Parts

Casting parts utilizing the excellent corrosion resistance of YST130N

Non-External-Flushing Mechanical Seal

Easily fits into a stuffing box and does not require external sealing water

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