Defoaming, Degassing Pump, Degassing Equipment

Defoaming, Degassing Pump
DP(PAT.P.), ASP(PAT.) type

Highly efficient and quick degassing of gas-dissolved liquid

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Technical data

Examples of Defoaming (Click on the picture for enlargement. )

1. Soy milk 2. Beverage concentrated liquid
Defoaming of Soy milk
Defoaming of Beverage concentrated liquid
90 degree C, Specific gravity 1.02 (before defoaming 0.6), Viscosity 30mPas 30 degree C, Specific gravity 1.22, Viscosity 500mPas, air-content ratio 10%
Improvement of production efficiency Enhancement of yield rate
3. Gelatin products 4. Pickling liquid
Defoaming of Gelatin products
Defoaming of Pockling liquid
70 degree C, Specific gravity 1.28, Viscosity 2000mPas, Micro foam 6 degrees C, Specfic gravity 1.1, Viscosity 80mPas
Improvement of quality (commodification with high transparency) Improvement of quality
5. Cream (food) 6. Egg yolk
Defoaming of Cream
Defoaming of Egg yolk
50 degree C, Specific gravity 1.2, Viscosity 4000mPas, Micro foam 5 degree C, Specific gravity 1.0, Viscosity 7000mPas
Improvement of quality Improvement of quality
7. Mekabu (thick seaweed leaves) 8. Water-soluble paint
Defoaming of Mekabu
Defoaming of Water-soluble paint
15 degree C, Specific gravity 1.07 (before defoaming 0.8) room temperature, Specific gravity 1.2, Viscosity 30mPas
Improvement of filling defect Improvement of coating defects
9. Water-soluble paint 10. Solvent-based urethane paint (including MEK)
Defoaming of Water-soluble paint
Defoaming of Solvent-based urethane paint
Room temperature, Specific gravity 1.1, Viscosity 400mPas 30 degree C, Specific gravity 1.1, Viscosity 3000mPas
Recycling of recovered paint Improvement of coating defects (Shortening of defoaming time)
11. Adhesive 12. Glue
Defoaming of Adhesive
Defoaming of Glue
20 degree C, Specific gravity 1.04, Viscosity 1100mPas 25 degree C, Specific gravity 1.2, Viscosity 10000mPas
Improvement of coating defects Improvement of coating defects
13. Natural resin 14. Facial Cleansing Gel
Defoaming of Natural resin
Defoaming of Facial Cleansing Gel
75 degree C, Specific gravity 1.07, air-content ratio 10% Room temperature, Specific gravity 1.0, Viscosity 4000mPas
Improvement of working efficiency (filling defects) Stabilization of filling amount
15. Gel (pharmaceuticals) 16. Grease
Defoaming of Gel
Defoaming of Grease
30 degree C, Specific gravity 1.1, Viscosity 30000mPas 25 degree C, Specific gravity 0.9,Viscosity unmeasurable
Improvement of the measurement precision Improvement of quality defects

The above is defoaming example by ASP type. Please contact us for more information.

Equipment suitable for defoaming relatively large amounts of liquid is also available.
For details, please refer to
Defoaming Pump UPSA type

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