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Turbine Pump
UTX type

Outstanding self-priming performance with nearly 9m suction lift

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Turbine Pump



Total head




A turbine pump is a convenient pump suitable for handling relatively small amounts of liquid with high total head.
The YOKOTA Self-Priming Turbine Pump has such strong self-priming power that it can be used for suction from deep wells with continuous pumping even if suction or mixture of air occurs. This pump is also suitable for industrial applications such as filter suction pumping and extraction from sealed tanks (vacuum tanks).
In any application, this pump enables automatic operation with high reliability.

Outstanding self-priming performance

The patented self-priming (water-air separating) mechanism reaches a maximum vacuum of 90kPa (9m water column) and displays outstanding self-priming power.

A large amount of incoming air can be separated and discharged during pumping. Even if pumping becomes subject to suction or mixture of air due to fluctuations of suction conditions, it continues pumping, constantly discharging air, and restores normal pumping operation as soon as suction conditions return to normal. Even continuous suction of air-containing water (i.e., gas-liquid two-phase pumping) is possible

Even if cavitation develops due to fluctuations of suction conditions such as water level, temperature, or vacuum level on the suction side, this pump can still continue its pumping operation. Therefore, this pump does not require allowance for NPSH, and enables stable pumping operation even under fluctuating suction conditions.

Thus, it can pump water from a 9m deep well, and it also shows outstanding performance for extraction from sealed (vacuum) tanks.

Simple structure without any inlet valve, No need for a foot valve

Due to its simple structure without any inlet check valve, it is robust and easy to maintain. Moreover, there is no need for installing a foot valve or an intermediate valve on the intake side under ordinary operating conditions.
Operation is also easy with no need for priming.

Large selection of materials

A wide variety of materials are available, including FC, SCS and YOKOTA's corrosion and wear resistant special stainless steel casting (YST), to meet the needs of various kinds of liquid.


Self-priming bilge pumps for ships (This pump can be set on the deck of a medium-size ship for pumping water from the tank bottom.)

Gas-liquid two-phase flow pumps

Self-priming water well pumps

Cooling water pumps for refrigeration and cooling devices

Pumps for small-scale water-supply systems

Chemical pumps for chemical industry equipment


YOKOTA's proposal: Suctioning up residual liquid from the bottom of mid-sized chemical tankers ... A bilge pump that can be installed on-deck

The holding tanks on mid-sized chemical tankers must be cleaned when loading and unloading chemical liquids. As a final step, the residual chemicals or cleaning liquids that accumulate at the bottom of the tanks must be completely stripped away and discharged off the ship. A bilge pump is used for this bottom-stripping operation.

Although a portable submerged pump is normally used as a bilge pump aboard mid-sized chemical tankers, pulling the pump back up from the bottom of the tanks and then replacing it is troublesome and can be dangerous aboard chemical tankers that carry a large amount of toxic or flammable liquids.

For this reason, a pump that is installed on the deck is optimal when considering ease of use and safety issues. However, there exist difficulties such as the high suction position and the possibility that a great deal of air may mix with the pumped liquid due to the pitching of the ship. Therefore, if a conventional pump tried to suction the liquid under these conditions, there would be a loss of pumping capacity and pump stoppage, and for this reason on-deck pumps have not been used.

These concerns have been resolved thanks to the YOKOTA Turbine Pump UTX type installed on the deck and used for the "bilge pump system".

As seen in the figure below, the YOKOTA Bilge Pump System is installed on the deck and the pump can easily discharge incoming air while performing stripping operation to suction away all the liquid to the very last drop.

YOKOTA Bilge Pump System layout

Turbine Pump / Bilge Pump System

Can be installed on the deck.

Can substantially improve the efficiency of loading/unloading.


Maintenance is easy and economical.

YOKOTA Bilge Pump System structure

The YOKOTA Turbine Pump UTX type, in itself, has a strong self-priming power that allows for continuous suction pumping while discharging air even if air becomes mixed with the pumped liquid.
However, when performing sweeping operation (stripping) on a chemical tanker:

A large quantity of air may be suctioned as the liquid sloshes due to the pitching of the ship.

Suction piping length is increased for loading/unloading work when switching out tank contents to a remote one.

And, even under these more severe than normal conditions, suction pumping must be performed very rapidly.

For this reason, the Turbine Pump UTX type with a strong self-priming capability is used as the main pump and is supplemented by a bleed (vacuum) pump to further increase air discharge capability and reduce self-priming time. Also, pumped liquid is prevented from penetrating the vacuum pump due to the operation of the vacuum tank and the float valve installed before the main pump.

Since this bilge pump system can perform self-priming even if the suction piping goes over elevated areas or has a large overall length, the bottom of all tanks can be efficiently stripped and cleaned by using the piping that branches out from a single pump to each tank and the opening and closing of the tank valves as shown in the figure above.

Photos of field test performed in shipyard dry dock (Liquid used: water)
Turbine Pump fig.1
Turbine Pump fig.2
Mock suction piping layout on deck of ship

Suction height between liquid level (A) and apex (B): 8.5m
Horizontal distance from apex (B) to pump (C): 50m

Turbine Pump fig.3
Turbine Pump fig.4
Pump in operation

Left: Main pump UTX type
Right: Vacuum pump VP-S type

Pump discharging
Flow rate: 0.03m3/min

This field test demonstrates that a ship using a similar on-deck piping layout can easily suction liquid to 8.5m high (with a specific gravity of 1.0).
Therefore, introduction of this bilge pump system will significantly improve loading/unloading for any midsize tanker with a distance of 8.5m or less (with a specific gravity of 1.0) from the deck to the bottom of its tank.

Also available for chemical cargo loading/unloading is the YOKOTA Enhanced Self-Priming Pump UPS type, which can also be installed on the deck to perform suction pumping. For details, please refer to "Current Topics: Tanker Cargo Handling".

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