Mixed-Flow Volute Pump

Mixed-Flow Volute Pump
YM type

Durability and reliability as demonstrated in many power stations

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Mixed-Flow Volute Pump



Total head




Large capacity, High head

Single-suction, single-stage Mixed-Flow Volute Pump with large capacity and high efficiency, capable of operating near maximum limits.

Handles a variety of liquid properties

Pump structure allows for selection of suitable parts depending on the type of liquid, such as chemicals or gypsum slurry, that comes into contact with them.

Metallic parts

All parts that come into contact with liquid are metallic and unexpected problems that result from parts such as rubber linings are avoided.

Reduction of maintenance costs

Inspection from the coupling side with back-pullout disassembly greatly reduces costs and frequency of maintenance. (Not available with YM-2510 and YM-3020)

Large selection of materials

A wide variety of materials are available, including FC, SCS and YOKOTA's corrosion and wear resistant special stainless steel casting (YST), to meet the needs of various kinds of liquid.

Enhanced self-priming is also possible (Optional)

By interlocking the unique vacuum pump with a water-air separating mechanism (PAT.), self-priming even with suction piping across an embankment is possible, which enables automatic pumping operation. (YM-2512, YM-3022 and YM-3520)


Wet-type flue gas desulfurizer (

More details >

"Current Topics: Slurry Self-Priming")

Seawater intake/discharge (

More details >

"Current Topics: Seawater Intake")

Industrial water supply

Waterworks, Sewage

Agricultural irrigation

Cooling water circulation

General water supply/drainage


Example application and installation

Many YM type pumps have been operating as circulation pumps
for desulfurizers at thermal power plants.

Automatic operation system with enhanced self-priming

Mixed-Flow Volute Pump / Example of automatic operation system with enhanced self-priming(PAT.)

Mixed-Flow Volute Pump / Example of automatic operation system with enhanced self-priming(PAT.)

For details, please refer to "Current Topics: Seawater Intake".

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