Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal Pump
UEN series

Standard type with 55 models and wide variety of materials

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Centrifugal Pump



Total head




For force pumping with high performance and easy operation:

UEN type

For high density slurry:

UET type

Non-clogging impeller:

YNC type

Outstanding pumping performance

This single-suction, single-stage centrifugal pump displays outstanding pumping performance in a wide range of specifications.

Large selection of materials

A wide variety of materials are available, including FC, SCS and YOKOTA's corrosion and wear resistant special stainless steel casting (YST), to meet the needs of various kinds of liquid.

Construction that can meet a wide range of specifications

Standard constructions include semi-open impellers for small pumps and closed impellers for medium and larger pumps.

The impeller has been improved to form ideal blades for high efficiency.

An oil bath lubrication system is adopted for bearings.

Maintenance is easy to perform because construction is simple and the number of parts in the water passage section is minimized.

Stable quality

All special material products are manufactured internally in a continuous process to ensure stable quality.


Chemical industry:

Acids, Alkaline liquids, Solvents, Slurry liquids, other

Food industry:

Brewery, Sugar refining, other

Mining industry:

Seawater, Slurry liquids, other

Paper industry:

Pulp, Effluent, White water, Black water, other

Electric power:

Exhaust gas desulfurizer (Limestone slurry pumps, other), Seawater, Water treatment, other

Electronic industry:

Ultra-pure water manufacturing devices, Acidic waste water, Polishing waste water treatment, other

Aquarium, Fish farming:

Seawater suction, Circulation pumps, other


Hot springs, Hot oil, other

Example applications and installations

Yokota Seawater pump made of YST Alloy

Seawater pump UEN type made of YST Alloy
operating at seawater treatment plant

Yokota Slurry pump made of YST Alloy

Slurry pump UET type made of YST Alloy
operating at power plant

For details of the YOKOTA YST Alloy, please refer to Special Stainless Steel YST series, Seawater Resistant Stainless Steel YST130N.

This is a non-self-priming type pump for force pumping.
For self-priming type (for suction pumping) with similar specifications, please refer to
Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump UHN series.

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