Liquid Level-1 Regulator Valve

Liquid Level-1 Regulator Valve
UFSB-1W-C type

Maintains set liquid level by opening and closing of a ball tap

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With over-discharge cutoff function

The set water level is reliably maintained by opening and closing of a ball tap.

Equipped with a flow rate regulating function that cuts the over-discharge and maintains the set flow rate.

The unique closure mechanism realizes complete water shutoff performance and leakage prevention when fully closed.

The pilot valve does not have any minute, fixed restriction passage like a needle valve, and is therefore clog-resistant.
And, even if clogging by foreign material occurs, the built-in self-cleaning mechanism causes the clogged valve part to open automatically to remove the foreign material.

Due to its simple construction, troublesome adjustments are unnecessary. Being excellent in durability and practically maintenance-free, using this valve reduces maintenance costs.

Liquid Level-1 Regulator Valve

Patented in Japan, U.S.A., other



Rated pressure



A ball tap is connected by piping to the pilot valve, and the pilot valve is driven by the opening and closing of the ball tap at the set water level to automatically adjust the main valve opening and maintain the set water level.
Also, an orifice is provided at the inlet side of the valve, and over-discharge is prevented by operation of the pilot valve driven by differential pressure (P1-P1') that arises between the front and the rear of the orifice due to the flow rate fluctuation.


During water supply, pilot A valve and pilot B valve operate to form intermediate pressure Pe, which is transmitted to the top of the main valve for automatic adjustment of the main valve opening. When the set flow rate is exceeded, pilot A valve is opened and pilot B valve is closed by differential pressure (P1-P1'), causing intermediate pressure Pe to rise and restricting the main valve opening to prevent over-discharge.


The set flow rate can be finely adjusted with the coil spring of the pilot valve. If flow rate control over a wide range is required, a butterfly valve or other flow rate adjustment valve (optional) may be installed in place of the fixed orifice.


Inlet pressure (Primary pressure)
Max. 1MPa (For JIS 10K standard)

Operating differential pressure
0.1MPa or more

Liquid Level-1 Regulator Valve /  Flow rate characteristics

Example application

Liquid Level-1 Regulator Valve / UFSB-1W-150

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